Sunday, July 27, 2014

NY Antique Jewelry & Watch Show 2014

Victorian Renaissance Revival cameo, Art Deco coral ring
 by Renee Boivin & antique diamond bow brooch.
All pieces from La Galerie Parisienne
I spent 4 hours of jewelry heaven at the New York Antique Jewelry & Watch Show yesterday. It can be an overwhelming event with over 100 dealers from all over the world showcasing their wares - but I tend to focus on a smaller group of people who deal primarily in Victorian & Georgian jewelry. Ok, some Art Nouveau, Edwardian & Art Deco too! I love it all!

A selection of Georgian jewelry from Lowther Antiques - featuring
18th c. Posy (Poesy) and Memorial rings, along with foil backed, gem-set
pendant & pins, a Giardinetti ring and beautiful amethyst necklace on left,
with exquisite cannetille work, c.1820-30
My first stop was to visit my favorite Georgian dealers from London - Pat Novissimo and daughter Virginia of Lowther Antiques. Dealing primarily in Georgian jewels, they also have some Victorian pieces and, to my delight, some rather early pieces, including a Momento Mori ring from the early 17th century and a very large mens ring (worn over the glove) from the Tudor period. Pat never ceases to amaze me with her experience and knowledge of jewelry - but more than that, she really loves the pieces she sells and will always have some interesting tidbit to share about the piece you are looking at. These ladies provide a welcoming atmosphere and a very enjoyable experience, not to mention one of the best selections of Georgian jewelry for sale. They exhibit at many shows each year (see their website for upcoming shows) or you can visit their shop on Portobello Road in London.
Left: a pair of turquoise, enamel & hair Momento Mori pins, 18th c.
Right: a selection of  Stuart Crystal pins, late 17th c.
Lowther Antiques

I ventured on and found a lovely booth with a great selection of Art Nouveau & Art Deco pieces. Many of the pieces by great French jewelers such as Suzanne Belperron, Rene Boivin, Fouquet, Templier & more. All making sense, as this booth belonged to La Galerie Parisienne, of Paris. Wonderful to see so many Boivin pieces!
Beautiful Art Deco pieces from La Galerie Parisienne
Art Nouveau opal, diamond & emerald pendant by Fouquet
La Galerie Parisienne
Further down the row I found my friends Julia & Roy Rover of Roy Rover Antiques & Fine Jewelry.
Always a delight to see them and and their amazing collection of jewelry from Georgian to the mid 20th century. Passionate, friendly & knowledgeable, they are a must stop at the jewelry shows! 
A selection of Victorian & Georgian jewelry at Roy Rover Antiques
(no website)
Antique necklace of bright green scarab beetles -
quite the rage during the popularity of all things
Egyptian after the archeological tomb digs during the
19th & early 20th century.
Roy Rover Antiques & Fine Jewelry
As I continued on, I found a delicious collection of Georgian & Victorian jewelry at Bell and Bird.
New to me, I was impressed with the caliber of their pieces and the friendliness of the proprietors, Rhianna & Cyrus Shennum, of Austin, Texas. There were so many beautiful pieces that I would love to own from here! Gorgeous bracelet sets and bangles from the 1800's, Spanish emerald and filigree earrings dating to the 1700's and lots of lovely memorial rings. 
Selection of Victorian bangles, snake necklace with turquoise
and memorial rings - Bell and Bird
Torpedo style drop earrings, c. 1830, one of a pair of turquoise & gold
bracelets, c. 1830 and a pair of Spanish (Iberian Peninsula) emerald
and gold earrings - Bell and Bird
Antique diamond Maltese cross pendant, blue & white enamel ring with
Old Mine cut diamond center and a stunning, 18th c. chrysoberyl brooch.
Bell and Bird
I loved talking with these guys! Their passion and knowledge shining through with every piece. Always fun to talk with people who are as passionate about Georgian jewelry as I am! Thanks guys!

Finally, I happened to see some stunning pieces in a case, just as I was about to leave the show. Hunger  was setting in - but I had to take a closer look!  A small collection of Stuart Crystals caught my eye on the top shelf. I asked the lovely lady behind the counter if I could see them - she was surprised that I knew what they were! A lively conversation ensued between myself and the proprietor, Lenore Dailey, of Fremont, Michigan. Once again, someone who is passionate and knowledgeable about what they do!  I love it! She had some fine and early examples of Stuart Crystals, which were popular starting in the 17th century. The one pictured below (sorry bad photograph!) is a very rare one of King Charles I & his wife, Henrietta Marie. The actual piece is very small and measures app. 3/4 inch in diameter.

Stuart Crystal slide piece of King Charles I & Henrietta Marie.
Lenore Dailey Fine Antique Jewelry
What a thrill it was to see it and hold it. Such a piece of history! The loops on the back (just visible) allowed a piece of ribbon to be pulled through, ultimately being worn on the wrist or at the neck.  You also see these memorial tokens made into rings and pins, often times with a hair insert, elaborately designed with initials of the deceased done in gold wire thread and always topped with a piece of crystal, often faceted (see photo of Stuart Crystals from Lowther Antiques, above). These memorial pieces were worn by the family and friends of the deceased. In the case of the king, loyal followers would wear them.

There were many other great pieces at Lenore's booth but I didn't have time to see them all! She said she will be at the Pier Show in NYC this fall, so I will plan to see her there.

Lenore Dailey does many jewelry shows each year.  Check out her website for show dates and see her gorgeous collection of jewels!

What a day it was! As usual, I thoroughly enjoyed myself - but really loved chatting with the dealers and sharing our common passion for jewelry, design & history!

The New York Antique Jewelry & Watch Show is on through tomorrow, Mon. the 28th until 4pm. Click on the website for more information about the show and the dealers.


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